Speak to Me....

The life of an artist grows just like any thing else in life. There are ebbs and flows that determine where an artist is at that given creative moment in their life. For me, my work continues to gravitate toward my spirituality. Stemming from the social commentary my work usually displays, I continue in that vain but submerged within the context of the commentary is the light of "hope." Even in the darkest piece. I realize as I look back on my life graph, I never lost "hope" which for me explains the struggle of my work as it maturates. One advice I will give to young artists is do not measure yourself on the popularity or the exposure you do or don't have. Rather measure yourself on the growth you are making as an artist and if that growth is synchronized with your individual growth.

Life of an Artist

When do you know if your work is good enough to shop around?

This is the question I continue to ask myself as I reflect on my work and wonder "Am I good enough?" Then I refocus and realize that I am a storyteller. With every story teller, there is someone who can relate, desire, or need to hear your story. So keep telling it. As an artist, I can't let the market dictate what I create. Then I will be a hypocrite because I constantly tell my students to never compromise their voice. Always stay true to who they are and visually communicate that what they represent. The beauty of that is the growth of your voice and how it changes. As an artist, some know what their voice is and have what they want to say. Others, continue to find their way through various lanes until the right lane is found. I hope my lane continues. As I forge ahead, I embrace what is being said and I hope I can share that with the multitudes.

The beginning of the beginning

Every artist begins their journey with an idea. In fact, every human being is blessed with the ability to have an idea. What becomes of that idea depends on the individual. Artists are individuals, who at one point, take risks in their journey of creation. At some point that boldness to create becomes tamed and safe. Sketchbooks no longer hold the "rawness" of new beginnings but more of a coffee table book that holds the best and prettiest work they can organize so when some one happens to see their visual diary, they can stumble upon these "so called" perfect sketches.